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Hold the Burn and Wrinkles Please!

Meloni Janzen

Posted on April 21 2017

We'd like one golden glow, hold the burn and wrinkles please!

Ladies!  We see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds more and more.  That means it's time to restock the SPF.  Before you head out to the beach, pool, or favorite sunny hangout, don't forget to protect your beautiful selves from the sun's damaging rays.  Here at Luminous Sol HQ, we tend to tan first, before burning, but we still want to prevent melanoma and premature aging.  Here is a list of some of our favorite sunscreens we keep in our beach bag all summer long.  

1.  Skinceuticals Physical SPF 30.  Used primarily as a facial sunscreen, this is perfect for sensitive skin.  It's a mineral based sunscreen made with zinc and titanium, and actually has a soothing affect as you apply it to the face.  For deeper skin tones, it does leave a small amount of ashiness, but that fades after a few minutes.  Great for everyday.

2.  Timeless Skin SPF 30.  This gentle and effective sunscreen contains micronized zinc suspended in emulsion to that helps prevent irritation.  It has hydrating, soothing and anti aging benefits, in addition to protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays.

3.  Elta MD Skincare SPF 41.  This lightweight and oil free facial sunscreen feels like silk going on.  It's lightly tinted and suited for sensitive skin.  We love it for wearing under makeup.  It seems to need reapplication more frequently than other SPFs we've used.  

4.  Alba Botanica Very Emollient Kids Spray Sunscreen SPF 40.  Yes, we know this is a kid's sunscreen.  We got a lot of use from just one bottle, last summer, and never ended up burned or even a little bit pink.  Easy to apply, just spray on skin and rub in by hand the rest of the way.  The bottle is lightweight, even when full, and doesn't take up much  room in your bag.  This also comes in a "sport" version.  

5.  ThinkBaby SPF 50.  What can we say?  They make some good stuff for the babes.  With 20% zinc oxide (non nano), as the active ingredient, ThinkBaby has never failed us.  It has worked really well for us on areas that tend to burn faster.  It is harder to spread than others we've tried, but it is free of PABA, pthalates, parabens, avobenzone and oxybenzone, and has not irritated our skin.

6.  Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Lip Balm Mineral Sunscreen SPF 15.  This lip protector has 8% zinc oxide, but goes on clear!  It features coconut oil and shea butter for a hydrating and conditioning affect.  We keep one handy in our beach bag and our purse.

7.  Beautycounter Protect Lip Balm SPF 15.  Protect Lip Balm features a non nano zinc oxide, along with a host of essential oils to hydrate and sooth.  Great for sunny and windy days.  The texture is a bit thicker than the Arbonne version, and seems to stay on longer.  

This is by no means, a complete list of awesome sunscreens out there.  Do your own research and consult a knowledgable skincare professional for more complete ingredient informaiton.  

We would love to hear from you!  What are some of your favorite sunscreens?  


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